Patriotic music is an amazing way to bring so many different ideas into your classroom! There are various holidays throughout the year specifically for patriotic music (Veterans Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, etc.) but that doesn’t mean you have to wait for those times during your school year. Teach about the history of our national anthem or talk about the unique songs for each branch of the military. The ideas of endless! Below are just a few different ways to bring patriotic music and ideas to your elementary students. Enjoy!



Looking to talk about the presidents during election time? Check out this great resource by i heart teaching music. This is an easy way to bring in beginning rhythms and the importance of elections to younger students.





For older students, patriotic holidays are a wonderful time
to talk about the music for each branch. The titles, words and melodies are unique and special for different reasons. You can also review terms, notes and other musical concepts with this fun coloring set. My kiddos LOVED listening and coloring – very calming on a busy day.






Sometimes all you want to do is sing out loud and celebrate your country. Pitch Publications has a full set of song lyrics to 26 patriotic songs. Great resource!







Many school districts celebrate Veterans Day with programs, events and receptions. Sing Play Create has a whole program put together with familiar and new songs! Scripts, movements and other activities are also included in this great bundle.







Finally, this plate routine is one of my favorite patriotic activities. It’s simple but powerful. It’s also incredibly memorable. Any arrangement of “America, the Beautiful” will work with these movements. Check out the video for the routine:






Looking for more ideas? Head over to the Pinterest page for
many more ideas and resources. Have a great holiday!
Musically yours, Christine

Christine Skog

Christine Skog is a teacher-author and blogger of Elementary Etudes. She loves creating resources to bring the music of life to students. Christine has presented at workshops and conferences, helping those in rural settings connect and collaborate with one another. When she's not working, Christine loves spending time with her husband, daughter and cat.