Recorder Notes Write the Room Activity Bundle by Hutzel House of Music

Get the kids up and moving while they work! Kids copy the notes off the cards that are hanging around the room, then write in the note names and fingerings. This activity provides a great assessment opportunity, especially for students who struggle with nerves while performing. Let them show what they know in a different way. Bonus: So easy, even a non-music sub can handle this! Grab the Bundle OR just the individual sets that match the needs and levels of your students.

Recorder Rule Posters by Noteworthy By Jen

Colorful recorder rule posters to remind students the basic techniques and procedures.

Recorder Cat 10 Sequential PPT Lessons by SillyOMusic

This no prep, recorder curriculum includes 10 songs that will make teaching recorder the easiest part of your day! It’s fun, scaffolded for success, and the music is embedded into each presentation!

Sakura: Japanese Song Lesson Set by Organized Chaos Music

This lesson set is a wonderful resource to add to your world music collection. Use it to teach students about pentatonic and/or minor music with slides showing the solfege, create an Orff ensemble piece with barred percussion borduns, teach low C, E, and F on recorder, identify same and different musical phrases, and learn the Japanese language and culture.

Mystery Images for Recorder by Ginny's Music Space

These mystery images are perfect for substitutes or early finishers to review BAG and E.

Recorder Mega Pack- Complete by Floating Down the River

Start your year off right with this recorder pack that gives you everything you need for the year! This Recorder Mega Pack (315 pages) is the result of 4 years of work to make a highly motivating program for students.

Kodaly Aspiring Recorder by Mrs. Stouffer's Music Room

If you are over constant assessments but little retention, squeaking on the low end, overblowing, and kids saying they “don’t know how it goes”, then this is for you! 

This recorder method will not only eliminate some of the biggest issues in recorder teaching, but it will incorporate the knowledge your kids already have. Don’t start at the beginning. Start with what they KNOW. Using solfege and rhythm syllables, your kids will apply their knowledge to reading music faster. 

Teaching letters first is completely abstract. They aren’t ‘alphabetical’ — do we really ever go BAG in real life? No! So when you try to learn a fingering and with a letter that isn’t in order, that can be very frustrating! Teach by previous knowledge and add the note name after the fingering is comfortable!

Recorder Fingering Charts by The Yellow Brick Road

These colorful recorder fingering charts are designed to catch your students’ attention, reinforce correct fingering, and provide a great reference for daily recorder practice.

Recorder Fingering Matching: Pear Pairs by Rhythmically Yours

Pair up these pears by matching the staff notation to the recorder fingering! Color and a printer-friendly black and white version included.

Recorder Fingerings Floor Dominos by Musical Interactions

Reinforce treble clef reading and soprano recorder hand positions with this floor dominos game. The 1/2 page dominos are a great size for large scale centers or substitute activities. Separate dominos and fingering charts are included for Baroque and German model soprano recorders.

Recorder Rocks: Posters and Fingering Charts by Sweet Sounds

These printable Pedagogy Posters, Flashcards, and Fingering Charts are awesome resources for kids to learn recorder in the elementary music classroom! Don’t miss the “Teacher Tips” pages – detailed instructions for each of the phrases and teaching hacks for recorder behavior management (including the always popular “Penalty box”).

Recorder BAG Match-Ups Interactive PowerPoint For Paperless Classrooms by Sally's Sea of Songs

Review BAG notation and fingerings! This self-checking interactive PowerPoint can be used for whole group instruction & review or shared to individual devices for students to work at their own pace. A chime sounds when students select the correct answer. An explosion sounds when the incorrect answer is selected. Not for Google Slides.

Music Monster Recorder Matching Game by Noteworthy By Jen

Have your students work as a class or at pairs in stations to practice BAGED fingerings.

Hop Old Squirrel BAG Recorder Song to Sing Move and Play by Hutzel House of Music

Kids will love coming up with new ways for the squirrel to move in this recorder/singing/moving activity. They will also learn about Musical Form when the B section chant is added!

Recorder Fingering Charts by Pitch Publications

Looking for a way to spruce up your room this year? Look no further! The RAINBOW BRIGHTS music decor collection is for you! This is a set of recorder fingering chart posters to help your students learn!

Recorder Bonanza by Pitch Publications

Need a way to give your kids a little extra practice reading and notating recorder notes on the staff? Look no further! This 20 page no-prep printable set is for you! This resource is wonderful for differentiating your activities for practicing B, A, G, E (low), and D(low)! (Other note combinations available!)

Recorder Flashcards: BAG by Music with Mrs. Tanenblatt

Print or project these flashcards to give students multiple ways to perform BAG melodies!