Music Time Travel by Noteworthy By Jen

Get your students excited about music history by traveling through time, learning about the Who, What, Where, When, and Cool! of each music period. Video links included!

Musical Moments Music Listening Pack For in Class or Distance Learning by Floating Down the River

This has been an amazing way to help your students in all grades quickly learn to listen to and identify great music, as well as a fantastic way to help your students to come quietly into class, ready to learn. I made this pack for my students. My district teaches about many women composers in Kindergarten, so I didn’t include as many. I will be adding them and more diverse composers into the pack by October 1st.

Composer Time Capsule Bundle 1 by Music Educator Resources

Composer Time Capsules are a great way for students to learn and review interesting facts about composers. Included are fact cards, clue cards, suggestions for physical objects PLUS an already done for you Kahoot trivia game that can be played as a group or assigned individually.

Nutcracker Ballet Scavenger Hunt by Ginny's Music Space

Get your students moving around the room during this scavenger hunt while reviewing the Nutcracker Ballet. My students love this just before winter break!

Pasta or Composer by Mrs. Stouffer's Music Room

Learn about composers the fun way! This activity is perfect for a sub, and engages young and older students alike. My best seller is now newly updated to give you the best! You’ve been asking! Now:

– Editable so you can add pictures.

– Includes information about each composer. (Most pictures provided.)

– Includes old version if that is your favorite!

– Older kid friendly in new darker shades.

Composer Who Is It? by Musical Interactions

Become a detective with Composer Who Is It? and use yes/no questions to deduce your opponent’s mystery composer. Each composer card includes 4 basic facts about the composer – musical period, associated composition style, homeland country, and an interesting fact.

A Composer Christmas by Music Mom

Review music history fun facts with this holiday activity.

Composer Lightbox Inserts by Rhythmically Yours

Do you teach or highlight music composers in your lessons? Turn your light box into an eye-catching, educational display for the music room! Each file includes a colorful artistic likeness of the composer, their first and last name and their ate of birth and death.

Music History Quick Guide Bundle by The Yellow Brick Road

The Music History Quick Guide Bundle is a complete set of music samples, videos, fun facts, vocabulary, and major composers from each period in western art music history. The interactive slideshows allow you to introduce middle school or junior high students to music from each period in western music history, while keeping them engaged with relevant content and creative supplemental activities.

Movie Music Composition Project by Organized Chaos Music

This movie music unit is a great way to engage upper elementary and middle school students and get them composing, listening, analyzing, and thinking about music! Students will learn about the importance of music and sound in film, different music jobs within the film industry (especially focusing on foley artists and score composers), and add their own sound effects and soundtrack to a short film!

Joseph Haydn Listening Activities by SillyOMusic

This set of Franz Joseph Haydn printables are useful for Composer of the Month activities, sub plans, and for incorporating writing. Almost all pages contain a coloring or drawing element and there are listening maps, glyphs, and a writing prompt for the “Surprise Symphony,” “The Clock,” and “The Joke.”

March Music Activities by Sweet Sounds

Get your students up and moving and writing rhythms with this Write the Room set; introduce students to a traditional Irish tune and traditional Irish instruments with Rakes of Mallow and Irish Music and Dance Memory Game. Give your students a freeze game brain break with Shamrock Freeze!

Mystery Melody Boom Cards - Johannes Brahms by Musical Interactions

Students learn about the life and music of Johannes Brahms with this deck of Mystery Melody Boom Cards. A famous melody from Brahms is revealed as questions are answered correctly. To accommodate all students, all directions, composer biography, and questions are read aloud in the deck.

Early Jazz & Blues PowerPoint Bundle by Sally's Sea of Songs

This bundle of PowerPoints will take you and your students through music and music history activities that cover early jazz and blues from the 1910’s through the 1920’s. Includes Louis Armstrong & New Orleans Jazz, Bessie Smith & the Classic Blues, The Great Jazz Migration, Harlem Stride Style Pianists Fats Waller & James P Johnson, Harlem Renaissance Musicians, Duke Ellington, Bennie Goodman, The Big Apple Dance Craze, and Exit Tickets.

Nutcracker Storybook by Pitch Publications

Need a way to give a quick overview of the Nutcracker story to go with your Nutcracker lessons this season? Look no further! This is the perfect resource to go with your Nutcracker Lesson Plans.