Music Symbol Visual Glossary by Hutzel House of Music

This handy reference sheet is great to keep in band/orch/choir folders for kids to fill out as they learn new symbols. It also makes a great pre/post assessment tool for demonstrating student growth!

Digital Middle School Interactive Notebook by The Yellow Brick Road

This interactive music notebook is a great tool for assessing middle school (5th and 6th grade) music students while encouraging creativity and ownership of learning. This file can be used in a variety of ways, including as traditional interactive notebook pages, worksheets, assessments, differentiated activities, evidence of learning, and more.

Chromatic Solfege Hand Signs Posters by Sweet Sounds

No matter the songs or activities, these printables are awesome for teaching solfege, or a make your own tone ladder or music word wall! Play solfege games, create an anchor chart, or teach your students about notes – there are so many possibilities with these small and large pictures (with 4 skin tones).

Jazz Terms Word Wall by Sally's Sea of Songs

Jazzers have a language all of their own! Whether you are deep into a serious study of jazz and jazz musicians, or just want to lend a little light-hearted fun to your music class, these 45 jazz terms will help you! Each 11X8.5 sheet displays one term and the definition. Post them on your walls as is, or cut the terms and definitions apart for an interactive board or music center. Now includes write-the-room worksheets!

Key Signatures Explained by MusicTeacherResources

This is an easy to follow and well laid out series of lessons to teach the basics of key signatures! The resource contains:

  1. Music Worksheets,
  2. Answer Sheets and
  3. Teaching Slides

Soundtrack of My Life Project by The Musical Rose

Who would be in the soundtrack of your life? This set of worksheets will guide your students through the process of creating a soundtrack to their life. This project is intended for upper middle school or high school students. The end product will be either a poster or PowerPoint presentation. Includes a ready to print rubric as well as an editable PowerPoint rubric.

Music Spoons 10 Game Bundle by Musical Interactions

This high-speed, quick-thinking, competitive game is perfect for older students. There are 10 different musical concepts highlighted in this Spoons bundle to keep students excited and engaged in this review/reinforcement game.

Partner Parody Project - "My Favorite Things" The Sound of Music by Beth's Music Classroom

In this Partner Parody Project (in PDF and Slides), students work together while learning terms like parody, meter, rhyme, etc. Students combine their own lyrics with their partner’s to create a parody of “My Favorite Things.” I used this with my students at the beginning of the year as a way to get-to-know each other.

Elements of Vocal Music Posters by Noteworthy By Jen

Keep the most important elements of vocal music right on the walls of your choir room to help remind students to do their best!

Melody and Chord Progression Music Composition Project by Organized Chaos Music

This project will take students through the process of writing a chord progression, notating it, composing a melody to fit the chords, assigning parts, practicing it, determining and rehearsing a message to communicate through the composition, and performing it. The project can be adapted to incorporate ukulele’s, keyboard instruments, boomwhackers, xylophones, or even free online software (link included in teaching notes) to fit your classroom needs.

Practice Packet: Grand Staff Reading by Music Educator Resources

This practice packet can be sent home for students to practice their note reading on the grand staff at home, perfect for distance learning. 

The first page you will see is a colored page with the note names seen on the note heads. This can be used as a study guide for students as well as an answer sheet to check their answers after they are finished with their worksheets. Going back to this study guide to check their answers will help reinforce the grand staff patterns on the lines and spaces. Enjoy!

Five Note Flash for Beginning Band by SillyOMusic

This is a fun music activity to help reinforce note identification and increase reading fluency for the 1st five pitches in the concert Bb scale. It’s great for elementary/beginning band students and contains 46-pages of speed trials where students can compete against the clock, each other, or themselves!

First Fives Notes by Mrs. Stouffer's Music Room

Every band director knows that those first five notes are so important. 

This set comes with a blank and filled out (answer key style) fingering charts.

Basics of Harmony by The Yellow Brick Road

Basics of Harmony is an all-in-one interactive music lesson which guides students through the sights, sounds, and feel of harmony basics in music. This PowerPoint Presentation uses real-life images, audio, playalong recordings, and video links to keep students meaningfully engaged in the concept of musical harmony.

Folk Song Research Project by Noteworthy By Jen

Help your students research, understand, and present on the folk songs of their country. This is editable so that you can adjust it for your country, setting, and scoring. A great group project.

Stop Motion Animation by Music Educator Resources

Stop Motion Animation is a workshop (or camp) with over 8 hours of lesson plans to use with your students.

Stop motion brings static objects to life on screen and is an old technique that is still used on occasion today. Students will create their story, learn how to create short animated sequences and bring their stop motion movie to life with music, optional sound effects and narration! 

Notes & Key Signatures Digital Escape by The Musical Rose

Looking for something low prep, digital, and engaging? Digital escapes immerse your middle and high school students in a fast paced and challenging way. Set up is easy – no locks, no printing, no hiding clues, and no rushed clean up between classes! In this digital escape, students must help locate the beloved Mayor of Theorytowne, who mysteriously went missing. In order to do so, students will decode messages, answer questions about notes and key signatures in bass & treble clef, solve puzzles, make matches, and more!

Modulation in Music by MusicTeacherResources

Modulation in music can be a difficult concept for some students to grasp. This is why I have created this resource. It takes the students step by step through an easy method of understanding modulation and how to incorporate it into their composition work.