Music Color Cube: Instrument Edition by Music Mom

This product is great for learning what instruments look like or in which category they belong. It is also a creative way to distribute instruments for an activity. The versatility of this product will benefit your classroom for many activities to come. Plus there is also a Notes Edition, Classroom Instruments Edition, and Dynamics edition.

Felt Finger Puppets and more by Floating Down River

Shop for a variety of Puppets to use in class, for distance learning. or for virtual learning!

High/Low Texting Sticks by Rhythmically Yours

 These fun high/low texting sticks are a fun way to practice using their high and low talking or singing voices! You can sing a pattern and they sing, tap and “text” it back to you! There’s many ways to use these simple but powerful manipulatives.

Greeting Card by SillyOMusic

Here is a card to show your best teacher friend that you appreciate them!

Build a Note by Rhythmically Yours

Your students will love this rhythm building block activity! Build-A-Note is great practice for differentiating rhythms and is wonderful for problem-solving skills. Includes one builder plate, 12 rhythm cards and enough blocks to build each rhythm.

Songbags by Floating Down River

Use Songbags for passing on the beat, reading notes on the floor staff and composing on your floor staff. Try the new vinyl options for easy cleaning.

Singing Sticks by Music Mom

Singing Sticks are a tool to help create new neural pathways in the brain to pitch.

Wooden Signs by Rhythmically Yours

Shop for a variety of music-themed signs for your home, studio or classroom!

Rhythm Blocks by Rhythmically Yours

These musical rhythmic dictation blocks are the perfect hands-on educational product for little hands and are a great idea for your rhythm center in your music classroom! They are easy to pass out, easy to store and easy for your younger students to handle and use! Your purchase will come with a download link with teaching ideas.

Lanyards by Floating Down the River

Be the most stylish teacher around by choosing a regular or personalized lanyard or tuning fork holder.

Vinyl Stickers by Rhythmically Yours

Shop for a variety of waterproof vinyl stickers! Perfect for your water bottle, laptop, notebook and more.

Ukulele Picks by Pitch Publications

These felt ukulele picks are perfect for the elementary general music classroom! They are made from a soft pressed felt and are available in four bright colors – yellow, purple, red, and turquoise. The picks are very soft and flexible. Students love using picks when first beginning to give their fingers a break.

Ukulele Dots by Pitch Publications

Colorful, removable self-adhesive dot stickers to match the Rainbow Ukulele program. One set provides enough stickers to mark C7, C, G7, and F for 40 ukuleles.