Heartbeat Rhythm Bags by Hutzel House of Music

Your students will love to tap along as they read their rhythm compositions in this activity for elementary music class centers! 

Folk Dance formation Posters by Mrs. Stouffer's Music Room

Game Changer! These thick, double sided folk dance formation posters will revolutionize how you teach kids how to get into folk dance formations.

Build a Note by Rhythmically Yours


This fun Build A Note music center just got better! Now available in sets of two with it’s own storage box. Includes two builder plates, two sets of rhythm cards and enough blocks to build each rhythm.

Solfége Stairs T-Shirt by Yellow Brick Road Music

This Solfège Stairs T-shirt is the perfect, comfy shirt for any music teacher who wants to show off their musical language.

Greeting Card by SillyOMusic

Here is a card to show your best teacher friend that you appreciate them!

Earrings by Rhythmically Yours

Make a bold, colorful and musical fashion statement with these whimsical earrings! Choose from many different styles and colors. Made from wood and/or acrylic.

Ukulele Dots by Pitch Publications

Colorful, removable self-adhesive dot stickers to match the Rainbow Ukulele program. One set provides enough stickers to mark C7, C, G7, and F for 40 ukuleles.

Professionally Printed Classroom Decor by Hutzel House of Music

Save your time AND your costly printer ink! Choose from a variety of professionally printed music classroom decor items shipped right to your door with free shipping.

Naughty Kitty Cat T-Shirt by Yellow Brick Road Music

This music/cat mashup is perfect for anyone who loves music and cats! Elementary music teachers will recognize the folk song hidden within the notes.

Ukulele Picks by Pitch Publications

These felt ukulele picks are perfect for the elementary general music classroom! They are made from a soft pressed felt and are available in four bright colors – yellow, purple, red, and turquoise. The picks are very soft and flexible. Students love using picks when first beginning to give their fingers a break.

Rhythm Blocks by Rhythmically Yours

These musical rhythmic dictation blocks are the perfect hands-on educational product for little hands and are a great idea for your rhythm center in your music classroom! They are easy to pass out, easy to store and easy for your younger students to handle and use!

Silicone Bead Lanyards by Mrs. Stouffer's Music Room

These pretty lanyards will never feel over the top.

Adjustable Recorder Neck Straps by Hutzel House of Music

These recorder neck straps are universally designed to fit most soprano recorders. They feature an adjustable clamp to help students with low muscle tone keep the recorder in playing position.

Beethoven Insult Mugs by Yellow Brick Road Music

Start your day with sassy insults by Beethoven with these two-tone Beethoven Insults Mugs. Each mug features a different Beethoven insult in color options of red, blue, green, and pink. 

Rhythm Stickers by Hutzel House of Music

Create your own rhythm manipulatives with these ready to go rhythm stickers! Available in two sizes and several difficulty levels to allow you to fully customize your students’ learning experience.

Composing Sets by Rhythmically Yours

Composing is cool! These colorful sets are a great hands-on tool to get your students creating rhythms in small groups. Each set comes with 4 composing templates and acrylic shapes labeled with rhythms. Seasonal and year-round sets available.

Solfége Stairs Pillow by Yellow Brick Road Music

Show off your love of music with these soft and comfy Solfège pillows. These faux suede pillows come in various sizes add a musical touch to any home or classroom decor.

Solfege Hearts Hoodie by Mrs. Stouffer's Music Room

This adorable hoodie is perfect for a music teacher to toss on when it’s a bit chilly! Let your love of solfege shine through!

Instrument Families Puzzle by Yellow Brick Road Music

This 30-piece puzzle is a perfect activity for centers and stations.

Women Composers Mug by Yellow Brick Road Music

The flowery design of this mug gives a subtle nod to some of the best music composers in Western Art Music History. Circled around each flower you’ll discover the names of the following composers: Barbara Strozzi, Hildegard von Bingen, Clara Schumann, Fanny Mendelssohn, Florence Price, Dame Ethel Smyth, Teresa Carreño, Francesca Caccini, Ruther Crawford Seeger, and Amy Beach.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Melodic Dictation by Hutzel House of Music

Kids love to use mini erasers as manipulatives! Encourage higher order thinking skills as they figure out the notes to be able to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by placing the stars on the staff. Great for centers!

Melodic Writing Sets by Rhythmically Yours

Staff practice is fun with these colorful, hands-on sets! Each set comes 4 staff templates with solfa motives to write with acrylic or wood note manipulatives and utilizes a different tone set from just so-mi all the way to the diatonic scale. See various listings for details.

Music Teacher Stickers by Mrs. Stouffer's Music Room

Looking for some stickers that are just for music teachers? These hand drawn colorful stickers will give you all the flair!

Musical Guesses Game Bundle by Hutzel House of Music

Engage your students in higher order thinking skills as they play these games! Each set includes two plastic game boards with 4 separate inserts so students can practice their knowledge about Orchestra Instruments, Classroom Instruments, Audio Technology, and Notes and Rests.

Treble Clef Note Spelling Flash Cards by Hutzel House of Music

Challenge your students to master their note reading skill with these Spelling Notes Flash Cards! This set includes 64 flash cards, color coded so each color uses the same number of letters per word. This set includes 20 three letter words, 16 four letter words, 12 five letter words, 12 six letter words, and 4 seven letter words. The color coding makes it simple to differentiate during use whether you choose to use this as a full class activity or as a center activity for your students.

Stop and Go Paddles by Hutzel House of Music

This handy little paddle is a great visual cue for your students! Save your voice and just hold up the paddle to show students when to start and stop their activities.