Instrument Families Write the Room by Ginny's Music Space

What can I say? This write the room activity gets your students moving around the room while reviewing the instruments of the orchestra. It’s a win win activity!

Orff Instrument Presentation and Student Book by Noteworthy By Jen

Give your students a unique way to understand and identify Orff instruments. This resource comes with a printable booklet for students as well as a teacher presentation so students can learn a brief history of Orff Schulwerk, identify instrument types and voices, understand pentatonic scales, and label borduns.

Instruments of the Orchestra BUNDLE - Elementary/Middle School by Beth's Music Classroom

My students love learning about the instruments of the orchestra, and having pictures, sound clips, and information all in one place has been helpful in teaching it. This includes a presentation and student packet pages to print.

Instruments of the Orchestra Music Bingo by MusicTeacherResources

Music Bingo is Educational, Engaging and Fun!

This set contains 3 Games in 1

The resource contains call cards and playing sheets for THREE different Instrument Bingo Games, each with 46 playing cards and 26 calling cards.

Real Photo Instrument Family Posters by Hutzel House of Music

This set of instrument posters uses real photos of high quality musical instruments so your students can see what they are really like! Each family has a poster with identifying facts, and the corresponding instruments are shown with the same color border. Includes examples of western orchestral instruments and world instruments.

Instrument Lightbox Inserts by Rhythmically Yours

Turn your lightbox into a spotlight for instruments! These informational displays give the name of the instrument, family name and a clipart visual.

4 Corners: Instrument Families by SillyOMusic

Musical 4 Corners is a great, interactive PowerPoint game for reinforcing instrument families and timbre. This was my students’ favorite game and they hardly realize that they are learning while playing. Answers are included in the presentation notes so it can be played with a sub.

Instrument Who Is It? by Musical Interactions

Become a detective with Instrument Who Is It? and use yes/no questions to deduce your opponent’s mystery instrument. This game is a great head-to-head game for music centers.

Write the Room Instruments by Sally's Sea of Songs

A set 20 orchestral instruments and their name labels, formatted in various ways to allow for a variety of options! Instrument cards with labels may be displayed as a permanent part of your music room decor. Use small cards in a center or large cards for display when every student has a clipboard and recording sheet. Some recording sheets are provided without directions to allow you to create your own variations of this activity.

Music Instrument Poke Cars by Music Educator Resouces

Music Instruments poke cards are a great way for students to assess themselves and encourage independent learning when reviewing and learning about musical instruments and their instrument families.

Interactive Instruments of the Orchestra by The Yellow Brick Road

Teach the instruments of the orchestra and instrument families with this interactive presentation that guides your music students through the sounds and parts of the instruments of the orchestra. Students click on each musical instrument to hear how it sounds, see videos of musicians performing, and more!

Instrument Coloring Worksheets by Mrs. Stouffer's Music Room

This set of worksheets is great for students who are learning about instruments, and is perfect for a sub tub! This set contains:

– Family pages – strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion, drums, auxiliary percussion

– Color by family – orchestral instruments, wood/skins/metal

– Instrument naming, family identifying pages including related pairs from the woodwind family

World Instrument Listening Unit by Organized Chaos Music

Use these resources to introduce students to musical instruments from six different countries! This is a great unit to tie into other world music studies, instruments of the orchestra, or the science of sound.

Instrument Family Worksheets by Ginny's Music Space

Use these worksheets to review the instrument families with your students. There are multiple different styles of worksheets for all your needs!

Orchestra Instrument Scavenger Hunt by Noteworthy By Jen

Use self-checking QR codes or an answer key to see if students know the name and instrument family of the instruments to the orchestra. Highly motivating–watch your students insist on finishing!

Instrument Inventory BOOM Cards by Sally's Sea of Songs

Instrument Inventory features an Italian dynamics term on each slide. Students must select the correct definition for the term. Self-checking interactive BOOM Cards that can be used for whole group instruction & review or shared to individual devices for students to work at their own pace.

Don't Eat Pete Orchestral Instruments Version by Floating Down the River

Play a fun and easy to learn no prep game, great for subs.

Peter and the Wolf Booklet by Pitch Publications

Peter and the Wolf is a GREAT resource for the music room and this is THE resource for your Peter and the Wolf musical adventure unit! It has everything you could think of for Peter and the Wolf! Student activities, booklets, Storybook introduction and guide, centers, assessments, and more! Though each part is available separately, you will save money by purchasing this MEGA BUNDLE! In addition, the bundle comes with a lesson plan written out for you to print and go!