Rhythm Manipulatives by Mrs. Stouffer's Music Room

A classic music room activity made simple. When you are crazy busy, you need a workhorse that you can use with ALL your classes. Write rhythm notation for known songs, and patterns! Perfect for practicing rhythmic dictation! Compose their own rhythms!

Meter & Rhythm 10 Levels by Musical Interactions

Give your students a different way to think about rhythms & time signatures with this 10 Levels card game. Students will need to create different collections as they progress through the game – moving to the next level once a collection has been completed.

Play Doh Music Mats by Nerdy Music Mama

Your students will have a great time practicing how to read, carve, and make 20 notes, rests and music symbols with this fun set!

Desktop Percussion: You and Me by Noteworthy By Jen

Get kids excited about playing rhythms in their classroom or yours using the materials at their fingertips! Perfect for distance learning or teachers on a cart.

Rhythm Battle Bundle: projectable rhythm flashcards by Organized Chaos Music

These rhythm flash card slides are a great way to help students practice and review rhythm notation reading in a fun way! These slides are designed to gradually increase in difficulty as students go through each 4-beat pattern. This bundled set includes sets 1-5, each set adding new rhythms up to and including quarter notes, barred eighth notes, barred sixteenth notes, barred sixteenth/eighth note combinations, half notes, dotted half notes, whole notes, “syncopa” patterns (eighth-quarter-eighth), and quarter, half, and whole rests.

Rhythm Basketball by Pitch Publications

Looking for a differentiated and exciting way to practice reading rhythms? Use Rhythm Basketball to bounce to the beat! Obtain enough basketballs, tennis balls, non-pitched instruments, or other bouncing balls and use the provided slides to perform rhythms with some of your favorite songs! I use these fun pop play alongs to reinforce reading half note, whole note, quarter note, and eighth note notation. In addition, we are able to discuss use of measure, double bar line, and more! This is a great way to get your kids reading rhythm!

Composition Squares by Rhythmically Yours

A twist on the classic line game!

Players take turns making squares by connecting the dots…..when you’ve made a square, put the rhythm in your composition area.

Safari Write-The-Room Bundle by Sally's Sea of Songs

Use this BUNDLE of THREE Safari-themed games to reinforce and/or assess student recognition of rhythm patterns in duple meter. Practice aural skills and rhythm notation through games and write the room activities. Rhythm patterns include various arrangements of quarter notes, paired eighth notes, quarter rests, 16th notes, and 8th/16th note combinations.

The Drum Beats for... by SillyOMusic

The Drum Beats is an active and fun PowerPoint music game for aural reinforcement of rhythms! Students listen for rhythmic patterns and change seats with classmates. My students absolutely love this game and there is no “winner” so it can be played for any length of time.

Basics of Rhythm by The Yellow Brick Road

Basics of Rhythm is an all-in-one interactive music lesson which guides students through the sights, sounds, and feel of rhythm basics in music. This PowerPoint Presentation uses real-life images, audio, playalong recordings, and video links to keep students meaningfully engaged in the concept of rhythm. This is the perfect introduction or review of rhythm for your music students!

Time for FISHING! Time Signature Matching Game, Meter: 2, 3, & 4 by Beth's Music Classroom

This game is a great way for students to review meter and time signatures. Students race to match their team’s “fish” rhythms with the correct bucket time signature. Several different game options are included and work really with individual, partner, or team work.

Rhythm Write the Room Back to School by Ginny's Music Space

Use this write the room activity at the beginning of the year to review rhythms from the previous year.

Pumpkin Poison Rhythm Game Bundle by Harmony with Mrs. Hahn

Pumpkin Poison is a great fall game to review and assess rhythm patterns. This bundle includes four games: quarter note and paired eighth notes, quarter rest, half note and sixteenth notes. These games can be used with any counting system!

The Pie Game: Rhythm Reading Made Fun! by Hutzel House of Music

Long used by band directors and music teachers around the world, The Pie Game teaches rhythms by assigning different types of pie to each written rhythm. This product gives you a fun and engaging way to teach students to read rhythms using “Pie Words” and also covers the real musical content and rhythmic values.

Rhythm Flashcards w/ 4 Corners for Groups & Ostinatos by SillyOMusic

There are so many possiblities for activities with these music flash cards featuring a variety of rhythms! Having 4 sections make the flashcards ideal for dividing your students into groups and playing on pitched and non-pitched instruments. Ideas for use included.

Snowflake Poison Rhythm Game Bundle by Harmony with Mrs. Hahn

Snowflake Poison is a great winter game to review and assess rhythm patterns. This bundle includes four games: quarter note and paired eighth notes, quarter rest, half note and sixteenth notes. These games can be used with any counting system!

Meter in Music - Introduction to Time Signatures by Beth's Music Classroom

Are you struggling to teach meter to your 2nd-5th graders? Help your students grasp time signatures with this lesson that uses real-life experiences and examples. This unique and exciting lesson is kid-tested and approved!