Tile It! Digital Letter Spelling Dynamics Notation Edition Paperless Classrooms by Sallys's Sea of Songs

Spelling with letter tiles is fun! Tap and drag the digital letter tiles to correctly spell the proper names of music notation, dynamics & tempo terms. Because it is digital, there is no worry about where to store and when to find time to set up manipulatives. Just open the file and you are ready to go! Send to your students via your Google Classroom, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or your preferred learning management system. Three levels of difficulty make it usable with multiple grade levels.

Musical Mansion by The Yellow Brick Road

Musical Mansion is an interactive presentation packed with over 40 links of musical playalongs, music games, an interactive piano, interviews with composers, music-themed stories, and much more. Students explore the mansion, finding new activities along the way, and possibly even a secret tunnel…but they say that’s just a rumor.

Claw Machine Rhythms by Rhythmically Yours

Step right up and win a prize! Your students will love trying their luck at the claw machine game to win a teddy bear! These interactive, animated rhythm-reading activity bundle is perfect for review, practice or even assessment. Audio examples of each rhythm (using the Kodály system) are available under each rhythm exercise. Extend the lesson by adding unpitched percussion instruments or body percussion!

Steady Beat vs. No Beat Set for Google Slides by Beth's Music Classroom

My K-1 students love this activity, learning about steady beat and no beat through listening games, children’s literature, playing instruments, and singing. In Google Slides, virtual students are also able to participate in all of the listening activities.

Middle School Digital Interactive Notebook by The Yellow Brick Road

This digital interactive music notebook is a great tool for assessing middle school (5th and 6th grade) music students while encouraging creativity and student-centered learning. All of the text is editable, which makes this music notebook perfect for differentiated activities, assessment, evidence of learning, and more. Best of all, you can edit directions and music terminology to fit your needs.

Secret Picture Puzzle | Florence Price by Musical Interactions

Secret Picture Puzzles are a fun, quick introductory activity for composers. Read about Florence Price and complete the self-checking puzzle. Printable and Google Drive digital options include biographies in 2 different reading levels.

Musical Instrument Bingo by Hutzel House of Music

This bingo game is a great review, because kids have to match the photo of the instrument to the name on their cards! Can be played in person or via distance learning. Sub-friendly caller’s card included, too!

Caterpillar Rhythms Bundle - BOOM Cards by SillyOMusic

Try these Drag & Drop rhythmic dictation task cards for your rhythm assessments. They are fun and perfect for centers because they can be played on any device.

Music Undercover by Noteworthy By Jen

Can’t use video lessons or need an easy-to-prep music center? Check out this dice rolling game kids can play at home with a partner who has no knowledge of music!

Video Game Music Composition Project by Organized Chaos Music

This video game music unit is a great way to engage upper elementary and middle school students and get them composing, listening, analyzing, and thinking about music! Students will learn about videogame composers by watching videos of interviews, analyze music from video games and discuss various aspects of music and sound in video games, and then create their own video game and the music to go with it!

Music Rhythm Activities - BOOM Cards™ Digital Task Cards by MusicTeacherResources

Students are to match the name of the SUPERHERO to the most correct rhythm. Students have to: 1. Say the name 2. Clap the syllables in each name  3. Select the rhythm that best matches the number of syllables and natural rhythm of the superhero’s name.

Rhythm Coloring by Pitch Publications

Color by Note activities for Quarter Note, Quarter Rest, and Beamed Eighth Notes! (ta, titi, rest). These are fantastic sub plans for your music or non music sub tub. Students love to color by note – they work as end of class activities or even as music center!

Carnival of the Animals Virtual Exhibit Hall by Mrs. Stouffer's Music Room

Students explore this virtual ‘art exhibit’ which leads them on a journey through Carnival of the Animals with linked sound files and Google form assessments as well as printable worksheets for each movement in the suite.

Complete the Measure Activities BOOM Cards™ by MusicTeacherResources

Each card gives the student one four-beat measure/bar; however, one of the notes is hidden by the image of an animal. Students are to select the note needed to complete the measure/bar.

Music Riddles Game by Music Educator Resources

Use this as a scavenger hunt, a class review or play in a game show style setting. Works for online distance learning too! Regardless how you use it, students will enjoy solving 15 musical riddles!

Three Little Pigs Sounds Story by Floating Down the River

This is a perfect set for multiple ages in any situation you find yourselves in. Read the book, have students use found sounds at home or instruments at school to make sounds. Let them color the masks and act it out at home.

Teaching Music Online: A Comprehensive Guide for K-12 Music Educators by The Musical Rose by Michelle Rose

When Michelle Rose first started teaching music online, she felt like she went straight back to her first year of teaching and there wasn’t much guidance available for K-12 music educators, especially in regards to performance ensembles. Teaching Music Online: A Comprehensive Guide for K-12 Music Educators is full of everything Michelle learned during her experience of teaching music at a full time virtual school. Her book is a balance of practical advice, innovative teaching strategies, and educational philosophy designed to help teachers transition into online music education, whether they are teaching online full time, a few days per year, or anything in between!

Build a Boombox Digital Game Bundle by Music Educator Resources

Perfect for distance learning, students will be build a boombox as they answer the correct rhythm. Be careful though! If they answer too quickly and incorrectly, the game and puzzle starts all over!

Bundle includes: Build a Boombox Rhythm 1: (covers quarter, half, dotted half and whole rhythms. OR crotchet, minim, dotted minim and semibreve rhythms) and Build a Boombox Rhythm 2: (covers 16th, 8ths, and dotted quarter rhythms. OR semiquaver, quaver and dotted crotchet rhythms)