Music Coloring Sheets: 26 Space Themed Color by Treble Notes by MusicTeacherResources

This set contains 26 Treble Pitch Music Coloring Worksheets of varying difficlty. Coloring sheets are such a favorite with young musicians. With these sheets students are reviewing treble pitch through an enjoyable and quiet activity. An excellent addition to your music sub tub.

METER Game, Under Construction, Time Signature - in PDF & Google Slides by Beth's Music Classroom

My students just love this meter review game, and since it’s interactive and self-correcting, it is perfect to use for part of a substitute lesson. Students choose a construction picture, read the question, and click on the correct time signature. If not correct, “detour” – you must try again before driving through.

Pasta or Composer by Mrs. Stouffer's Music Room

This is THE activity to leave for a sub!

  • educational
  • FUN
  • will keep all your kids engaged!
  • easy to run with as little or as much tech as you need.
  • multiple ways to play – individuals and teams both work! 

Music Floor Dominos 11 Game Bundle by Musical Interactions

Floor Dominos is the perfect game for sub plans. There are 11 different musical concepts highlighted in this Floor Dominos bundle for students to review with a guest teacher. Dominos are large enough for whole class use. Students match one side of each domino to the corresponding information on another tile. For whole class use, teams are recommended.

Music Sub Tub Plans Bundle by Ginny's Music Space

This bundle includes everything you need to create a music sub tub ANY substitute can use and follow.

Zin Zin Zin, A Violin! by Pitch Publications

Most teachers would agree taking a sick or person day is harder than actually being at work. Writing sub plans and preparing sub tubs and sub binders are so hard, especially in music and other specials! This will be a great activity for your music substitute plans!

Ti Tika Tac Toe by Rhythmically Yours

A musical version of tic-tac-toe! Great for your sub tub, centers or game day!

Nine different boards in stem notation containing ti-tika.

Music Coloring Pages: Musical Instruments - Families of the Orchestra by SillyOMusic

These coloring sheets of musical instruments of the orchestra are perfect for early finishers and sub plans. They are also a great coloring activity for students needing to wind down.

No Prep Activities for the Elementary Music Classroom by The Yellow Brick Road

No Prep Activities for Elementary Music is a collection of over 60 video links with accompanying worksheets. It’s perfect for those days when you need a quick and easy no-prep lesson plan for elementary music students. These activities are ideal for non-music and musically-trained substitute teachers alike. Videos are geared toward students in grades K-4.

Music Teacher Sub Plan Template by Organized Chaos Music

Use this template to create some easy-to-use sub plans for elementary music! It can be overwhelming to try to put together all of the information that a substitute teacher needs to know, and come up with meaningful plans that will engage students without overwhelming a non-musical substitute teacher! This template will help organize and condense the important information a substitute needs to teach your classes while you are away.

Halloween Color by Music by Music Educator Resources

48 coloring sheets included! Perfect for stations, sub tubs, rainy days, assessment, and Halloween fun! Choose from 6 different designs covering:

  • Rhythm Names/Symbols (North American & British Terms)
  • Rhythm Beats/Symbols
  • Treble Clef Notes
  • Bass Clef Notes
  • Keyboard Notes
  • Intervals
  • Dynamics & Articulations

Treble or Bass Clef Bingo by Noteworthy By Jen

This bingo set contains 35 cards and can be used to review either bass or treble clef note naming skills. Contains a sub page to explain note naming to save you time!

Music Symbols Bingo by Hutzel House of Music

A great review game for your older students after learning about all the different symbols they may find in music! Sub friendly caller’s card included (so they don’t need to know what symbols are what)!

Color by Music - Recorder First Notes Bundle by Sally's Sea of Songs

Color by music mystery pictures help students differentiate between the first notes commonly used by beginner recorder players. Great for notation awareness lessons and perfect for your sub tub! Choose BAG, BAGCD, BAGED, or BAGCDED for an additional challenge for your students.

Nursery Rhyme Songbook for Ukulele with Chords & Coloring Pages by Floating Down the River

Teach Nursery Rhymes to your students in class or through distance learning using a songbook, audio clips, and easy to use coloring pages. Perfect for music teachers, preschool or kindergarten teachers, or even subs who have no music background!

Music Connection by Ginny's Music Space

This game is similar to bingo and connect four. Two students play per card, and the first one to get four in a row wins! My students love to play! It is perfect for non-musical substitutes, too!

Roll a Rhythm by Floating Down the River

Your students will have fun rolling a dice to make a rhythm composition. They will write it down, read it, and clap it. Easy for a sub!

Don't Break the Music by Pitch Publications

This is a set of 9 fun (yet truly educational!) games based on the popular game, “Don’t Break the Ice!” In this game, students must various musical concepts and hope they don’t cause all the ice to fall! These make great music workstations!