Body Percussion Charts for Ensembles or Distance Learning by Beth's Music Classroom

Get your students moving with these body percussion charts, including snap, clap, pat, and stomp. Available in Google Slides and PDF, several different rhythmic patterns are included in stick and staff notation, as well as color and black/white.

Movement Cards BUNDLE Creative Movement & Mindfulness by Sally's Sea of Songs

Animal Movement Cards to get imagination flowing while using specific levels, weight, or flow. Opposites like high/low, bound/loose, smooth/bumpy, heavy/light. Mindful Movement Cards to develop focus & create a calm environment. 

PreK Winter Music and Movement Lesson - Polar Bear Theme by SillyOMusic

This Music Lesson Plan is a favorite with my Pre-K and Kindergarten students! There are a variety of great activities so you can teach it in different variations for several weeks.

Composing with Movement by The Yellow Brick Road

Composing with Movement is a beginner’s guide to body percussion. Students start by making the sound of a thunderstorm with their bodies. Then, they play the Body Percussion Game, where they practice clapping, snapping, patting, and tapping. Finally, they use printable body percussion cards to compose their own body percussion composition.

Halloween Freeze Dance by Ginny's Music Space

Get your students moving, laughing, and learning with this freeze dance with a Halloween theme!

Autumn Rhythm Activity to Sing Move and Play by Hutzel House of Music

Kids will be up and moving, singing an original song and then practicing their rhythm reading skills using your choice of voices, body percussion, or any instruments. Assessment option included!

Folk Dance Formation Posters by Mrs. Stouffer's Music Room

A pretty set of folk dance formation posters that will completely change your teaching!

This contains 15 posters with standard folk dance formations. Each poster features kids from a top down view so students can see which way they are supposed to face!

Interactive Kindergarten Musical Tasks - Spring Scavenger Hunt by Rhythmically Yours

Spring has sprung and there’s so much to see and do! Your young beginners will love searching for objects in this spring-themed scavenger hunt. Each object found will lead to an age-appropriate task. Tasks include practicing your 5 voices, vocal paths, animal sounds, movement and simple clapping patterns with iconic notation.

Glue Dancing by Noteworthy By Jen

Get kids moving to music without being self-conscious using glue dancing! Kids get “glued” to the ground in different ways as the activity continues and provides tons of giggles and fun!

Modern Movement Cards for Big Kids by Organized Chaos Music


hese movement cards will appeal to all ages! The set comes with 30 different cards with movement prompts to get kids moving, including current popular dances, simple body percussion, animals, sports, and everyday objects. All of them are designed to be performed as a motion with a steady beat. The graphics will appeal to all ages.

Treble Staff Notes Movement Game by Nerdy Music Mama

This space-themed bundle includes 2 Treble Staff Note Identification Games: Line-Notes and Space-Notes! It’s is a fun way to get your students up and moving and practicing their notes on the staff.