Creative Story Composition: A Pirates Life by Music Educator Resources

The purpose of the creative story compositions is to kickoff the composition process in a creative way, through story-telling. While an option, staff notation is not required!

Phoebe in Her Petticoat: Prepare, Present & Practice Melody by Sweet Sounds

My students love acting out this folk song with pretend ballgowns and top hats! This resource is packed with images to help prepare, present and practice the melody.

Build-a-Song "Apple Tree" Boom Cards by Musical Interactions

Build-a-Song Melodic Edition is an independent digital activity to review low do, mi, sol, and la on a 3-line staff and D, F#, A, and B on the treble clef with the song “Apple Tree.” Decks are self-correcting and provide immediate feedback as students play. Audio is included for all directions and phrases.

Three Bears Morning by Music Mom

A storybook about pitches going up or down. You play or have students play.

Melodic Contour: Step, Skip, Leap, & Repeat by Beth's Music Classroom

Looking for a fun way to teach melodic contour and step, skip, leap, and repeat to your elementary students? This set includes a presentation with visual and aural examples, interactive review game, student worksheet, study guide, and test.

Sound Stories by Floating Down the River

Sound stories are a great way to bring books and stories to life and are perfect for all ages!

Music Composition: TEN Melody Writing Projects: Set 1 by MusicTeacherResources

TEN music composition worksheets for middle school musicians! Each has a different set of criteria.

TEN music composition checklists and student review/self-evaluation pages, one for each composition task


Step Skip Leap or Same by Rhythmically Yours

Follow these playful, magical unicorns through a fun game of stepskipleap or same! Your students will love the beautiful, colorful graphics of this interactive game that is perfect for reviewing intervals. This self-correcting multiple choice game has 76 problems in treble clef to solve.

Sarasponda: A Song to Sing, Play, and Move! by Hutzel House of Music

Get your kids singing, moving, and playing rhythm sticks with this activity! Kids will learn about the background of the song before applying a rhythm stick routine that gets progressively more difficult.

Melodic Practice Cards Bundle by Mrs. Stouffer's Music Room

Practicing melodic concepts are so important for students. And writing patterns out by hand takes forever. Save yourself time and get started by hitting “Print”! These melodic cards have 20 patterns in three ways. G-Do, F-Do and solfa letters for 8 different tone sets.

Ame Ame: Japanese Song Lesson Set by Organized Chaos Music

This lesson set is a wonderful resource to add to your world music collection. Use it to teach students about pentatonic music with slides showing the solfege, teach compound meter in 6/8 through the melody and percussion accompaniment parts (including 3 Orff xylophone ostinati parts) along with lesson extension ideas, and learn the Japanese language and culture.

Harmony in Music : Presentation, Worksheet, & Test with definitions & examples by Beth's Music Classroom

This complete unit is perfect for teaching harmony in music to your 2nd-6th graders! This unit includes a study of: melody, unison, rounds, partner songs, ostinatos, and lots more!

High & Low Interactive Boom Cards by SillyOMusic

Your primary students will love this digital activity as they identify high and low sounds from instruments and the environment! Great for music lessons on musical opposites.

Treble Clef Note Naming Basics by Noteworthy By Jen

Give your students an interactive way to learn the basics of treble clef note naming through this Google Slides resource. Great for virtual or in-person learning. Covers identifying lines and spaces while giving the students the ability to check their answers as they go.

Donut Hunt Treble Clef Note Names Game by Sally's Sea of Songs

This resource features both a self-checking interactive PowerPoint and also a Google Slides version that can be used for whole group instruction & review or shared to individual devices for students to work at their own pace. Ten rounds of 3 questions each. “Congrats” slides indicate successful completion of the round. Review treble clef note names from middle C through high G, 30 questions in all.

Teddy Bear Picnic Song and Activity Pack by Floating Down the River

This is packed full of a story, songs, and activities for a teddy bear picnic. This has been a huge highlight of my year for my kindergarteners!

Parody and Piggyback Song Writing Unit by Hutzel House of Music

Everything is laid out and ready to go to get your kids started on writing their own parodies and piggyback songs! Follow the steps for easy success! This unit works well in the classroom or for distance learning.

Treble Clef Spoons by Musical Interactions

This is a fast-paced, quiet game that requires treble clef reading to spell the goal word. It is a classroom favorite and sure to get your students quickly reading pitches!

Throw a Melody by Music Mom

A wonderfully fun bean bag game to create melodies to play on your choice of instruments.

Basics of Pitch by The Yellow Brick Road

Basics of Pitch is an all-in-one interactive music lesson which guides students through the sights, sounds, and feel of pitch basics in music. This PowerPoint Presentation uses real-life images, audio, playalong recordings, and video links to keep students meaningfully engaged in the concept of pitch. This is the perfect introduction or review of pitch for your music students!

Reading Treble, Bass, and C Clefs by Pitch Publications

This is a money saving bundle of three amazing lessons for introducing treble, bass, and Alto/Tenor clef!

Each pack comes with a full lesson plan, detailed presentation to walk you through introducing the clefs, and student assessment exit tickets to quickly assess students’ understanding of material.

Comic Strip Composition by Music Educator Resources

Combining elements of story telling, script writing, storyboard, drawing and musical composition, this resource can be used for a weekly project as students work on steps towards their final comic strip composition. Superhero, Cartoon, Anime… The possibilities are up to the imagination!

Pitch Hill Puppets by Pitch Publications

Are you struggling with teaching solfege or looking for a fun, new method for teaching solfege to elementary students? Then look no further! Pitch Hill is for you!

Blackbeak's Flight: Melodic Exploration Story by Music with Mrs. Tanenblatt

This fun story combines melodic explorations with a pirate twist!

Star Light, Star Bright Perfect Present Song by Music with Mrs. Tanenblatt

Take all of the guesswork out of presenting a new melodic concept! This ppt slideshow will guide your students to the discovery of the solfege labels for sol and mi.