Farmhouse Music Classroom Decor Bundle by Harmony with Mrs. Hahn

This is a HUGE bundle of Farmhouse-themed resources for your Music Room! These Farmhouse-themed visuals feature child-friendly, readable fonts, multi-colored shiplap, white shiplap, buffalo check, sunflowers and lemons. Make your music classroom bright, cozy and welcoming this school year!

Rainbow Music Decor Bundle by Hutzel House of Music

Everything you need for your elementary classroom! This set includes instrument posters, multi-cultural hand signs posters, recorder fingering posters, tempo posters (with a fun game included), instrument labels, dynamics posters, left/right hand posters, ensemble counting posters, and blank pages so you can make other things that you need. The recorder and hand sign colors even coordinate with Boomwhackers!

Forest Friends Classroom Decor by SillyOMusic

A delightful forest friends decor set.

#PlanMyWholeLife Music Teacher Planner: Dated Weekly by Organized Chaos Music

Finally, a teacher planner designed for music teachers! Everything comes in Powerpoint format so you can add your own text, or delete and move pages, before printing. And best of all: FREE UPDATES each year!

ASD Visual Schedule for Music Class by Noteworthy by Jen

Display these visuals to help organize your lessons for students who have ASD so they can transition between activities easier. Tip: If you have a magnetic whiteboard, laminate these and put magnets on the back so they can be swapped quickly, maximizing your preparation time.

Anchor Charts & Word Wall by The Yellow Brick Road

This anchor chart and word wall set is a colorful reference point for any elementary or middle school music classroom. The anchor charts feature each musical element and are perfect for a colorful wall display. The multi-colored word wall can be mixed and matched by color to create an organized display that perfectly fits your needs.

Music Decor BUNDLE - RAINBOW BRIGHTS - posters, word wall, class rules, binders! by Pitch Publications

Looking for a way to spruce up your room this year? Look no further! The RAINBOW BRIGHTS collection is for you! When you add this rainbow music decor set to your room with shine!

Elements of Music Anchor Charts by Ginny's Music Space

These anchor charts are perfect for any classroom and include all elements of music. North American and British terms are included. Basic colors used to give you opportunity to incorporate into all classrooms and grade levels.

Growth Mindset Posters- Dot Dudes by Sally's Sea of Songs

Encourage your students to overcome obstacles with these Growth Mindset Posters. Positive words build positive attitudes!

Festive Music Class Decor by Mrs. Stouffer's Music Room

A fun festive theme to keep your kids engaged without spending bunches on ink! A visual engaging, beautiful colorful music room decor set for your students and you! This comprehensive classroom set contains everything you need for a year of making music.

Peter and the Wolf Instruments & Characters Posters by Beth's Music Classroom

This is a great poster set to use in your classroom when studying Peter and the Wolf. They are a great reminder of each of the characters and their corresponding instruments and come in color and black/white.

Growth Mindset Bulletin Board Space Theme by Nerdy Music Mama

10 posters, 3-page banner, and 2 word-wall posters in this space themed bulletin board set will help you teach the powers of growth mindset and the dangers of having a fixed mindset.

Music is sweet! Popsicle Classroom Decor Bundle by Rhythmically Yours

It’s going to be a sweet year! This colorful, fun decor bundle includes everything you needed to spruce up your classroom this fall. Ukulele chord charts, recorder finger charts, handsigns and more!

Music Classroom Decor Set: Rainbow Patterns Bundle by Organized Chaos Music

The fun patterns in rainbow colors in this set are designed to appeal to a wide range of ages and fit in with other visual elements you may already be using in your classroom. Along with the usual elementary music classroom posters, this set also comes with grade level expectations posters to display your scope and sequence in kid-friendly, admin-approved language.

Orff Rules Posters by Noteworthy By Jen

12 posters to remind your students of Orff instrument rules and procedures. Help them be successful!

Pastel Rainbow Music Classroom Decor Bundle by Harmony with Mrs. Hahn

This is a HUGE bundle of Pastel Rainbow-themed resources for your Music Room! These visuals feature child-friendly, readable fonts and calming colors. Make your music classroom bright, cozy and welcoming this school year!