Apple Tree Rhythm Activity for Easel by SillyOMusic

This rhythm activity is a fun way to assess quarter note and eighth note rhythms for the folk song, Apple Tree. It’s an Easel by TpT activity and will be a great way to introduce yourself to this new tool!

Moosical Rhythms-Read and Write Quarter and Eighth Notes Digital Edition for Paperless Classrooms and Distance Learning by Sally's Sea of Songs

Students use any rhythm system to practice reading 4-beat patterns composed of various combinations of characters. The final section allows students to slide the characters to create their own patterns to read. A pdf worksheet is included to extend the lesson. This is a Google Slide resource. 

Kodaly Recorder by Mrs. Stouffer's Music Room


If you are looking to shake up your recorder program, now is the time! Using solfege and an E-G start, your kids will transfer skills they know to their instruments without abstract concepts like why B-A-G isn’t in alphabetical order.

Symbols & Instrument Puzzles by Musical Interactions

Secret Picture Puzzles are an excellent low-prep, self-checking activity to review instruments and common music symbols. As students correctly match definitions and identify instruments, the secret picture is revealed.

Llama Grade Level Posters by Noteworthy By Jen

“Llama” tell you how useful it is to label your walls with these posters! You can use them for a word wall or to designate lessons/learning objectives for each grade–and do it in style!

Nursery Rhyme Sampler by Floating Down the River

A song with ukulele chords, coloring page, and audio file sampler from the full Nursery Rhyme Pack- perfect for any situation you might face this fall.

Rhythm Clapbacks by Music Educator Resourceces

Get your students clapping rhythm patterns with this sample pack! Sample pack includes 5 clapping patterns and 1 worksheet. Perfect for back to school time or anytime during the year! If your students love to do body beats, they will have fun with Rhythm Clap Backs! 

Firefly: Do Pentatonic Melody Practice Activities by Sweet Sound

My students love singing this song in Kindergarten and are so excited to bring it back later to read the rhythms and melodies. This resource has rhythm and melody practice activities (solfege with rhythms and on the staff), as well as practice cards.

Printable Xylophone Bars by Rhythmically Yours

A great hands-on accurate visual for your instrument/Orff lessons! Print out, place magnets on the back and show which bars to remove, where to play, display on a bulletin board and more.

Soundscape Composition Squares by Hutzel House of Music

Get your kids composing with body percussion and other found sounds! This can be done in the classroom or as a distance learning activity. There are even options for kids to create their own sounds!

Ringo Bingo by Music Mom

This original twist on Bingo will have your kids asking for more.

5th Grade General Music Curriculum: September by Organized Chaos Music

This set comes with a list of concepts and skills to cover, lesson ideas to teach each concept or skill, and accompanying materials (links to free recordings and directions, printable worksheets, assessment rubrics, powerpoints and visuals etc) for the entire month of September for 5th grade.

Composing Cards by The Yellow Brick Road

These Solfége Composing Cards are color-coded to match Boomwhackers™ or colored bells. The Solfége cards are perfect for creating simple student compositions or playing with instruments. Students will feel confident playing and composing with these manipulatives!

Snail Snail by Mrs. Stouffer's Music Room

An engaging way to work on rhythmic and solfege concepts with your kids. Use in class or share your screen during virtual learning.

Label the Ukulele: Interactive, Digital Activities to use with Google Classroom by The Musical Rose

Go paperless & completely digital with this interactive ukulele activity. Students will be able to practice parts of the ukulele. This activity is intended to be used with Google Classroom.

Ukulele Get Started Guide by Pitch Publications

Looking for a way to incorporate Ukulele into your elementary or early middle school music classroom? Looking for a great motivation system for students and a wonderful curriculum for ukulele in the music classroom? Look no further! Rainbow Ukulele is for you!

Pitch Hill: Sol Mi Starter by Pitch Publications

Are you struggling with teaching solfége or looking for a fun, new method for teaching solfége to elementary students? Then look no further! Pitch Hill is for you!

Superhero Rhythm Game, Interactive Game for Ta Rest by Beth's Music Classroom

My students loved playing this rhythm review game for quarter rest. Students click on any superhero picture, which shows them the rhythm for that picture. Then they can speak or play it, as a whole group or for individual practice.

Get To Know You Bingo by Ginny's Music Space

Use this easy activity to use at the beginning of the year with your students in any grade or subject. There are two different ways to play (full card or 5 in a row). Simply print enough copies for your students, and have fun getting to know each other this year!

Music Rhythm Charts by MusicTeacherResources

Rhythm Charts are the one resource that I am STILL using with my music classes after 30 plus years of teaching. There are three charts in this set: 1. Notes using French Time Names 2.Rests using French Time Names 3.Notes using KODALY Time Names

All Are Welcome Here Posters by Music with Mrs. Tanenblatt

Make sure your students ALL feel welcome and invited in your classroom with these free posters.