Last year I held a Nutcracker Music camp with my piano students. This was something I have done before with great success as there are always so many fun things we can do with The Nutcracker. One of my favorite activities is using flashlights to help the kids learn about the musical form. Before we bring out the flashlights, I have them pick out the A, B and C sections.

Before camp, I had bought and cut up squares of red and green cellophane (I bought mine at Michaels).

So when we were ready, I gave the students some squares to fasten with rubber bands over their flashlight. (I had them bring their own flashlight but I had some extras just in case). A little tip that we discovered- the more cellophane you lay over the flashlight the better the color. I had students use 2 squares but you can even use 3.

Now the fun begins!

We turned off all the lights and those with the red cellophane lit up the ceiling with their flashlights. Those with green lit up the ceiling and then on the C section, they all joined in.

They LOVED this activity. I kept the Christmas tree lights on so we had a little bit of light but it also created some pretty cool ambiance.

Here is a video if you want to get a taste of what it is like, though it is much more fun in person. (The record button got pressed a little late.)

Enjoy and Happy Teaching!

Jennifer Foxx with Music Educator Resources



Jennifer Foxx

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