Although social media might be the furthest thing on your list for professional development, Instagram is currently a rockstar when it comes to connecting with other music teachers and really and truly feeling like part of a community. If you aren’t already using this awesome social platform, here are 5 reasons to start today!

1. Community

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I’ll say it once, I’ll say it a thousand times. I have met SO many awesome music teachers on Instagram that I would legit call my friends. I communicate with them not only through comments, direct messages, and likes, but I’ve gone on to interview some for my podcast or just develop a more consistent, real life friendship!

One of my favorite things about this form of social media is that it feels personal. Between music teachers sharing bits of their lives right along side with their classrooms, and popping into stories (the short video clip version of the platform, think snapchat) to share what’s happening in real time, it’s seriously like you’re right along for the ride!

2. Professional Development

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You know what else is so awesome about other teachers sharing their lessons and ideas for music making on Instagram? INSTANT PD in your PJs!  I love being able to scroll through my feed and check in with all of my friends and get an instant take on what is happening in all of their classrooms.

Some of my best lessons have been inspired by what other teachers are doing. I can’t always make it to a workshop or a conference, but there are so many teachers sharing their ideas that are literally going on with their kids in real time.

3. Classroom Inspiration

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Right alongside the great lesson inspiration, teachers share their ideas for manipulative, classroom decor, and how they set up their classrooms for music making. So often we are the only music teachers at our campus, and if you’re anything like me, getting a peek into another teacher’s window helps get my wheels turning for new ways to organize my space.

4. Inspiration

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Let’s be honest, social media doesn’t exist solely for our professional brains. Sometimes, we need a break to see something pretty, double tap an inspirational quote, or get a good belly laugh at the next “Target got me again” post. I love Instagram for all these different reasons. It’s important to take a break, or get an encouraging pat on the back through a music teacher friend.

5. Giveaways!!!

(image via @tptmusiccrewgiveaways) *note this giveaway has closed, but follow this account for giveaways from the crew!!

Last but not least, I have no shame in my game that I love a good GIVEAWAY! And Instagram is chock full of teachers giving away resources, gift cards, or even a brand new cricut!! If you’re wanting to snag some free swag, Instagram is a great place to be!

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Anne Mileski

Anne is a early childhood and elementary music specialist in Eastern Washington. She is certified in Kodály & Orff, and has completed coursework in Dalcroze, Music Learning Theory, and World Music Pedagogy. It's her mission to help music teachers be more purposeful, sequential, and joyful in everything they do!