Fall is a fun time to use Fall fun, Halloween, and Veteran’s Day activities for November. The music crew members on Teachers Pay Teachers have made some fantastic fall resources for your classroom. This post will feature a few of those with one free item and one item that costs from nine crew members.


Organized Chaos with Elizabeth Caldwell

Elizabeth Caldwell of Organized Chaos has two great Fall Japanese folk song packs. The song, “Donguri Korokoro”, is sung by children all over Japan, and is perfect for younger students. It is about an acorn and would be great for fall or any time of year! You can get many more activities in her full set for this song. 

The song, “Akatonbo” (or “Akatombo”), is sung by children all over Japan, and is perfect for middle elementary through middle school age students. It is a beautiful song about a dragonfly at sunset and would be great for fall or any time of year! Use it to teach students about pentatonic music with slides showing the solfege, teach triple meter through the melody and percussion accompaniment parts, and sing it in a round/canon. 


Rhythmically Yours with Kelly Parrish

Kelly has a free vocal exploration of a bird flying to a fall tree. Follow the bird to the tree with your high, middle and low voice. Ten slides in all.

Kelly’s Autumn story bundle includes two fun songs, “5 Little Pumpkins” and “Skin and Bones”, a haunting song that helps students sing in their more beautiful voice.

Music Mom with Darlene Abbott

Darlene has a Melody Monster fun FREE pack that has 10 familiar kid’s songs your kids will know and love. With a playing mat to help set up the area of play, this can be used in large group or small group. This activity uses resonator bells. If you like the colored resonator bells in the pictures, you can find them here. This activity is ear training for students but can also be used for note reading with older students. 

Darlene has a fun game for creating rhythms using fun apple words. Rhythms can be as simple or complex as you need them to be. Kids love saying the fun words to match the rhythms. Create rhythms on your own or pull rhythms from music you are teaching to reinforce them for the kids. This really does work for all Secondary Grades because you create the rhythms. Use very simple rhythms for younger grades and more complex rhythms to challenge older grades. Kids love making their own rhythms. Just have fun!

Music With Mrs Tannenblatt with Rachel Tannenblatt

Rachel has a fun FREE Fall-themed lesson on melodic contour. Trace the steps to the C major scale with this enchanting autumn song. Have students act it out using leaves or scarves. Play the melody on Orff instruments. The sheet music also could be colored in as a lesson extension.

Rachel’s Halloween Rhythm Bundle is a set of five fun and engaging Halloween products are now combined into one convenient, money-saving bundle! From basic beat-keeping charts for practicing a steady beat to a singing game in 6/8 time, there is a wide variety of activities included here to keep all of your students engaged in music throughout the Halloween holiday!

Halloween Rhythm Bundle for Grade K-3

Sally’s Sea of Songs with Sally Utley

Sally has some FREE ghostly slides as a transition from vocal exploration to traditional vocal warm-ups! As a vocal exploration, students follow the animated lines with appropriate vocal sirens. As a traditional vocal warm-up, the dots on the lines may be thought of as iconic representation for specific pitches. The warm-up patterns may be raised by half-steps and repeated as needed for your singers.

Ghostly Animated Vocal Explorations

Sally has a great fall fun activity that reinforces dynamics terms and symbols. Play a lively full-group game, or use as a more low-key center activity. Print in full color, grayscale, or black line printing. Also included are two recording sheets for centers and a bonus craftivity that could be used as a bulletin board display.

Squirrel fun! Dynamics Matching Game for Large Group or Music Center

Floating Down the River with Linda Seamons

Linda has a fun FREE compilation of creepy eyeball activities including rhythm, solfege, and melody match games.

Creepy Eyeball Activities

Linda’s huge Halloween Drumming Bundle is great fun for drums, bucket drums, rhythm instruments, or even just body percussion. Would work in small group centers too or with a sub if you print out the cards.

Halloween Drumming Bundle

Music Educator Resources with Jennifer Foxx

Jennifer has a great FREE Halloween trivia that has 20 fun facts to share with your students about Halloween. Great to use in conjunction with parties, events, lessons and more! Happy Halloween! Answer key included!

Halloween Trivia

If you have ever played the game, “Don’t Eat Pete!” that I grew up on, then you are going to love Don’t Eat Frank, a music note review game perfect for Halloween. Included are 8 different boards to choose from depending on the level of your students. 

Don’t Eat Frank: A Music Note Review Game

Music Teacher Resources with Kim Maloney

Kim has a FREE Music Halloween Themed Listening worksheet has been designed for use with a variety of grade levels in mind and can be used with all your Halloween listening activities.

Halloween Music Listening Worksheets

Kim also has a 30 page of  TWO x 15 page sets of Student Worksheets/Listening Journal pages.

The two sets are very similar with one being just a little more difficult to cater for older or more advanced students.

Cowgirl Compositions with Katie Robertson

Katie has a fun FREE template for creating your own game. This interactive PowerPoint game template is for you! Simply insert your own image on each slide with a single monster, save your new game, and you are ready to play! The monsters on the individual pages are already linked to the main page of monsters.

You could insert site words, vocabulary, math facts, musical patterns, etc. The sky is the limit! Plus, you can use it multiple times to create several different review games!

Katie also has a huge listening set (64 pages) of super fun activities for “In the Hall of the Mountain King” This is a fun classical connection to crescendo and accelerando and a fun way to review ta, ti-ti, rest, and half note. This is packed full of activities. 

SillyOMusic with Jane Lee

Jane has some brand new wonderful free Halloween Music Spinner board games. These treble clef, bass clef, and alto clef printable spinner activities are perfect for note name identification in elementary general music as well as beginning band, strings, choir, and piano students. GREAT for sub plans and centers!

Free Halloween Music Spinner Board Game

Jane also has some autumn color by note pages. These will be great sub plans fast or a fun worksheet that will also look great on your bulletin board this Autumn.  It is a peaceful, fun activity that reviews music terminology and notes on the staff. Treble, bass, and alto clefs coloring sheets are included for use in general music, piano, band, orchestra, or chorus. US and UK terminology for note durations are also included

Color-By-Note Fall Worksheets

Sweet Sounds with Lori Sweet

Lori has some great Veteran’s Day resources! Her Land of the FREE Vocal Exploration Cards can help you celebrate Memorial Day, Independence Day or Veterans Day in style! This slideshow can be used as vocal exploration or part of your warm-up. Her students love to use the smart board pens or one of her crazy pointers to follow the vocal path.

Lori also has a great pack for Veteran’s Day. Her “Nifty States Props- Cards for singing the 50 states are fantastic props for singing songs that list the 50 states. She also includes a version with state capitals too, for songs that include the state capitals. She uses these with a really nifty  song for Veterans Day every year. 

I hope you grabbed all of the great free fall resources and checked out the other fantastic resources. Here’s to a fantastic fall!

Linda Seamons

Linda has over 30 years’ experience teaching early childhood and elementary music, as well as Jr high and high school band. She is also a teacher-author and blogger for Floating Down the River. She is fully certified in Kodály concept and also has enjoyed Orff and World Drumming certification.