With many school systems closing due to Covid-19, teachers across the country are being asked to create digital classrooms on short notice. The Music Crew is here to help! Below is a list of resources that you can use right now for teaching remotely. Whether it be digital teaching tips or resources to add to your google classroom, we want to help! Everything listed below is free!

Help! How Do I Even Get Started?!

Make sure to check out The Musical Rose’s Instagram.

She is a full-time, virtual music teacher and has been working hard to share as many tips as possible! Her bio link will also have recordings of mock instrumental, choral, and general lessons, all done digitally if you missed her Facebook live streams.

Michelle has also contributed to these blog posts about teaching online:
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A Care Package for Teachers Moving to Online Teaching

Melissa from Mrs. Stouffer’s Music Room has compiled a massive list of online games, resources, activities, videos, and teacher tools in this blog post!

Preschool – 2nd Grade

Jane from SillyOMusic has some no-tech activities that your youngest musicians can do at home with their loved ones in this blog post! You can even find a downloadable letter here with instructions for parents!


Here’s another resource from Jane, it’s a YouTube  vocal play that can be done at home. Students will have fun following the Nosy Rabbit as it hops from tent-to-tent!

Need more digital resources? Well, Sandra from Sing Play Create has an entirely free resource library! Peruse and find what you need here! There are some great things posted for March at the moment.

Jennifer from The Yellow Brick Road has some fun freebies waiting for you with the Distance Learning Activities for Home! Your students will love the variety of these activities!

Holy moly! This freebie from Mrs. Stouffer is a must! It’s listed in two categories because there are over 60 pages of activities that your students will have fun completing. It even has pages for alto clef, so your bases are covered!

Have you been searching for this amazing Music At Home Bingo board by Jennifer from Sing To Kids? Your search is over, find the link here in this blog post about teaching remotely! If you are short on time, you can go to the direct download here, but make sure you check back for more tips!

Shelley from Pitch Publications has a great storybook version of Hey, Diddle, Diddle that you could flip through digitally!

Also, check out her Pitch Hill PowerPoint for teaching Sol Mi in fun, memorable way!

Elizabeth from Organized Chaos has ideas listed in this blog post that range from musical apps and websites to no-tech resources like keeping a singing log!

3rd – 5th grades

Elizabeth from Organized Chaos has ideas listed in this blog post that are also perfect for intermediate grades!

The same goes for Mrs. Stouffer’s Music Class at Home free resource!


Try these self-directed printables from Chrissy at Hutzel House of Music and another YouTube video from SillyOMusic about learning the lines and spaces!


SQUILT For Any Grade Level

This Super Quiet Uninterrupted Listening Time is something we can all use at any time of year!

Instrument Families

Here are some digital task cards and printables for reviewing the instrument families. Check out Boom Learning for even more digital task cards for music. If Covid-19 has impacted your school, you are eligible for a free account for this year! Boom Cards are self-checking, provide immediate feedback, and if you enter your students’ names, Boom will record student data for assessments!

The Symbols & Instruments game above is from Melissa at Musical Interactions and it’s a great way to still include manipulatives at home while reviewing musical terms and instruments!

Chrissy knows you can’t have too many puzzles and word searches, because there’s always that early finisher who wants to do more!

Desktop Organizer

Last but not least, let’s make our desktops look beautiful (and organized) with these beautiful backgrounds. Those folders aren’t going to organize themselves!

If you would like to see a curated list of FREE resources helpful for distance learning, click HERE or search this hashtag on TeachersPayTeahers: #musiccrewdistancelearning

Also, you are welcome to join our music teacher group on Facebook, The Music Crew Collaborative, if you have any questions!


Jane from SillyOMusic

I've been teaching since 2009 and now live in North Carolina with my husband and rescue dogs. I currently teach early childhood music, but I've taught elementary and middle school music for most of my career. I love creating resources that are fun for the whole class!