So… you’re a new teacher and you’ve just landed your first job… or you’re a veteran teacher but you’re switching districts next year… You want to plan ahead for the fall, but aren’t sure what questions you should ask your administration. I can help!

Hi! I’m Angie from I Heart Teaching Music. After being a traveling teacher for 10 years, I landed a job in a new district this year where I finally have a room. Woot! When I found out I was getting my own room, I was thrilled! But to be honest, I was also very nervous. It had been a long time since I had been in a new district and I wasn’t sure which questions I should be asking… So I reached out to some friends to help me compile a list of questions to ask my principal. Here’s what they came up with:

Michelle Warshany

Music with Miss W

Michelle’s Questions

  • What traditions are in place for the school and the music program? Are there any new traditions the school wishes to start?
  • Are there any district/state/region events that music students participate in? e.g. all county choir
  • Is there a school wide discipline system or is each teacher responsible for their own discipline system? e.g. PBIS
  • Did the previous teacher have any subscriptions (online, magazines, etc.)? If so, ask for how to access or login info.
  • Where can I find important student information such as IEPs and 504s?
  • What are the guidelines for fundraising (if you can even fundraise at all)?
  • What is the process for setting up a field trip?
  • Can I access my classroom after hours or on weekends? Is there a special code needed for the security alarm?
  • Is there any money for PD reimbursement? What is the process to be reimbursed?
  • Are there currently any after school music clubs or activities?
  • Are there expected performances at PTO meetings?
  • How do I request a sub?
  • How can I check out technology such as iPads or laptops? How can I request time in the computer lab?
  • Are there non-musical teaching duties you are required to do? e.g. small group reading

Christine Skog

Elementary Etudes

Christine’s Questions

  • What are your expectations for programs and performances?
  • Are assessments collected at any point or just for grades? (i.e. running records, weekly progress monitoring, etc.)
  • Is there a budget? If not, are you comfortable with me purchasing resources to use in the classroom, knowing that they will not be property of the district?
  • Are there any extra performances outside of evening programs? (i.e. Veterans Day, Kindergarten Graduation, etc.)
  • What is the process for personal days, family leave and sick days?
  • If I am ill, what are your expectations for substitute lesson plans?
  • Are schedules adjusted for early outs, delays and assemblies?
  • Is there anyone I need to contact to help with sound, videotaping and set-up for programs?

I found that having these questions helped me to get my own wheels turning. I hope they do the same for you! And congrats on your new position! I hope your first year is awesome!

What questions would you ask your principal if you were starting a new position? Comment below to join the discussion!

Angie Kelton
I Heart Teaching Music

Angie with I Heart Teaching Music

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