When I taught in classroom, I loved using Class Dojo!  It is a completely free classroom management system that can be used with an interactive whiteboard and/or the app on a tablet or phone.  Class Dojo was designed for classroom teachers to track points for individual students.  I set up my classes as individual students and awarded points to the class as a whole.

I awarded points for having a good attitude, cooperating, participating in class activities, and entering/exiting the classroom quietly.

I took away points for showing disrespect, causing a disruption, fighting with one another, interrupting the teacher or another student, and being out of their seat.

I then gave prizes based on the following point system (achieved by the whole class).

  • 25 Points = Sucker
  • 50 Points = Pencil
  • 75 Points = Silly Band
  • 100 Points = Wii Dance Party

Now I use Class Dojo in a new way with my private lesson studio.  I enter students individually and group them together by method book level.  Students receive points for meeting their practice goal, playing off their assignment, memorizing, and completing their written theory assignment.  At the end of the month, I give a prize to the student in each level with the highest number of points.  Students cannot win two months in a row so other students have a chance to win.  At the end of the semester, I give giftcards to the three students with the highest total points for the entire semester. Class Dojo just introduced groups so I am now able to make one class for my entire studio and then assign students to groups based on their method book level.  I can give points to individual students and/or the entire group! Here’s a look at setup: 1. Create a class by giving it a name and choosing the grade level.

2. Enter the students in your class.

3. Once students are entered, Class Dojo generates invitations for you to connect with parents and send reports to them

4. Set up behaviors (both positive and negative)

(Preloaded behaviors are changed by clicking on the behavior box – you can even weight the behaviors by assigning multiple points to the category)

5. Assign students to groups

Once your groups are set up, you can assign points by clicking on the student and giving positive or negative points.

I leave my iPad sitting on the piano so I can give feedback (positive or negative) as the lesson progresses.  At the end of the month, I run my report and reset the points.  I can use the report to know which of my students are not progressing and/or do not meet their practice goal on a regular basis.  It has been a huge motivator for my students because they like to compete with one another. I love Class Dojo!  It is a great FREE management tool!  Check it out and let me know what you think! Musically,

Katie Robertson

Cowgirl Compositions

Katie Robertson

Katie is a member of the TpT Music Crew, a group of fabulous teacher-authors who work passionately and collaboratively to bring you the best resources and ideas for teaching music.